Hi I'm SophiaReginald

Last update: Jan 04, 2023


My description is : Hello! My name is Sofia and I am very pleased to see you in my room. I am a charming mature lady who knows how to please a man. I love to chat . Believe me, my life is full of interesting stories. I love to dance and strip dance. By the way, I am very flexible. Above all, I love to listen to you, discover your deepest and hottest wishes and desires, imagining us together and pleasing you!

I like: I highly appreciate kindness, politeness and respect. be generous for my hard work to entertain you

I don't like: Room RulesāŒBe nice to Sofia and her other members āŒUse English as language āŒ Don't Demand or Request without a TIP āŒDon't Advertise or Spam with other Sites, Social Media or Personal infoāŒ No insults āŒ Don't Be Rude āŒ No personal questions āŒ Save Sex Talk for PMāŒ Be Nice āŒMake Positive Comments āŒ do not ask another member to tip āŒCompliments and Enjoy the Show or be SilencedāŒ










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