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Last update: Apr 10, 2024


My description is : My name is Diana, I live in Poland, studying to become an architect. I am very sociable, I like to make new acquaintances. Friendly. If you are a pleasant and understanding person, I am ready to support you and be friends. I like to try new things, I want to do unforgettable and sensual shows so that all my fans come back only to me. Energetic - I love to sing and dance

I like: I like to drink coffee, my favorite is banana raf, have you tried it? I love bowling, my record is 3 strikes in a row, can you beat me? I havenā€™t been to Italy, but Iā€™ll definitely fix that, I love looking at the world, discovering new places, the culture of different countries is very attractive

I don't like: I donā€™t like getting up early, but I do it every day, from love to hate is 1 step? I donā€™t like rude people, if I say that I donā€™t like something and that I donā€™t do certain things, my answer wonā€™t change, because I decided so, these are my rules, you have rules too, right? I donā€™t like being lonely, if you came to my room with good intentions, we can put on an unforgettable show)










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