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Last update: Jun 18, 2024


My description is : Hello my dear, my name is Emily, I am from Latvia, I lived in France for a long time. Now I'm interested in learning something new, meeting new people and looking for a cozy atmosphere for myself. I am studying medicine, I want to become an excellent cosmetology expert and help everyone who turns to me in the future. I love walking along the old streets of my city, listening to music and remembering everything that has happened or will happen to me. I would like to start traveling and living in such a way that there are no doubts about the future. Iā€™m here recently and I really want to make friends with everyone, Iā€™m sure that new experiences and people will be able to please me if I ever come to another country. I donā€™t consider the possibility of meeting others for sex, but life is limitless and no one knows how things will go. I am very pleased to meet you and hope that we can have a great time together.

I like: I like to cook different foods, I donā€™t have much experience, but I try very hard. I also love cats and plan to get a dog in the future. I eat chocolate almost every day, it greatly lifts my mood and keeps me from getting bored, and once a day a cup of coffee lifts my mood.

I don't like: I donā€™t like people who openly point out my work, because if I do it, then I understand what is needed. I donā€™t like rudeness and rudeness towards me, because you need to treat each person individually. I donā€™t like the smell of sweat from people, since hygiene is an incredibly important thing in every personā€™s life

Build: medium
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Hair Length: long










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