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Last update: Jul 08, 2024


My description is : I am a dedicated and responsible person, committed to achieving my goals with perseverance and determination in all areas of my life. I enjoy social interaction, being outgoing and open to new experiences and perspectives. However, what defines me most is my willingness to challenge myself, question my own criteria and constantly seek personal growth and development. This combination of characteristics drives me to face challenges with enthusiasm and to always look for new ways to improve myself. In short, my personality is characterized by my dedication and responsibility, my extroverted nature and my inclination to challenge myself, which leads me to constantly seek personal growth and to overcome my own limits.

I like: I like to be sexually PROVOKED either verbally or PHYSICALLY, I am very ATTENTIONED by the PHYSICAL of a man but EVEN MORE by the dominant way he treats me in bed. "I get SOME kind of INTEREST when they are responsible, kind, tolerant, respectful, show EMPATHY, show EMPATHY, show respect, show EMPATHY, show RESPECT. respectful, demonstrate EMPATHY and EVEN MORE are visionary."

I don't like: I don't like it when they try to have sexual control over me, or talk to me in a passive aggressive way.










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