Hi I'm ZoeSkie

Last update: Jun 17, 2024


My description is : Sex appeal is in the look of my eyes and in my mind, (they said)ā€¦read it. I might be PRETTY, but i m not beautifulā€¦ I SIN, but i m not the DEVILā€¦I m GOOD, but i m not an ANGELl! I m STILL ZOE, NOT perfect! šŸ˜šŸ’‹ DARE TO DISCOVER MORE! šŸ˜Iā€™ll try to be sexy no matter how old or how my body changes, for myself. šŸ˜ŠNot to impress someone. I m HONEST, curious, playful and always looking to learn more. i m greedy, as well. but YOUā€™ ll love that about me! i KNOW sošŸ¤­

I like: I LOVE MEN HANDS AND VOICES! ( spoil me) -HONESTY- is what i ll offer, so HONESTY is what WILL ALWAYS IMPRESS ME. Be YOURSELF, i ll like YOU. I m SURE! I like to enjoy a great company and to FEEL a good vibe trough WORDS and MUSIC! THE MATCH is always great to be DISCOVERED

I don't like: LIARS and RUDE people, I don t like them. let s say thatā€¦ we just DON T MATCH.










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