Hi I'm SusanWelch

Last update: Jan 05, 2023


My description is : My name is Susan. Yes, I look cute, but sometimes I can be the bitch who will easily tell you to fuck off if I don't like talking to you. I love sarcasm and jokes. The most straightforward person. I like to play games (If you are a fan of COD Mobile, Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, Witcher, then we will have something to talk about). During my work, I have watched a lot of films. I am interested in psychology (psychology of relationships). So if you don't break my simple rules, then we will easily find a common language.

I like: Good sense of humor. Generosity.

I don't like: Rudeness. Don't ask me to do something for free, I'm not a free fund to help the poor. If you need something, say it directly. Clearly formulate your requests (without hints and not veiled)

Build: skinny
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: green
Hair Length: short










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