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Last update: Jul 15, 2024


My description is : My name is Nika. I may seem too serious, that may be true, but I am also very dreamy. The most beautiful thing about dreams is when they become reality. That's why I set goals for my dreams. Now I am learning English and getting a second higher education. So wait! Soon I will be traveling around the world, driving a brand new cool car and living in a luxurious house.

I like: I love dogs very much, they are true friends and will never betray. Dogs have accompanied me since the beginning of my life; I have had many different breeds. I also really love walking in the forest, listening to birds singing, breathing fresh air and enjoying nature. When it comes to food, I prefer fish, in any form.

I don't like: I don't like cats, they damage furniture and walls))) they cannot be trained like dogs. As for food, I donā€™t like semolina porridge, there are some strange lumps in it))) and I donā€™t like jelly, it looks like a UFO drink.

Build: medium
Eye Color: grey
Hair Color: grey
Hair Length: long










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