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Last update: Sep 23, 2022


My description is : I am a lively and cheerful smile of the little lovely, persistent, work to finish;Careless, bold, what say what;Impatient, often like ants on hot pot -- anxious to turn round and round;Strong, never flinch in difficulties;Violent, often at the expense of the other people said the dog's blood drenched head.

I like: I like to travel and take pictures.Record the good things.In my spare time, I like watching movies and drinking coffee with my friends.When I am in a bad mood, I will travel with my friends to find the beauty of the world.

I don't like: Don't force yourself to do things against your principles, so you are definitely not happy.Don't be too good, don't want to do is can refuse, can't do things don't have to force, don't like the words pretend not to hear, your life is not used to please ot

Build: bbw
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black
Hair Length: long










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