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Last update: Jul 15, 2024


My description is : Hi! It's Maya here! Do you want to know more about me? Then go ahead. I am a strong girl and more than that - independent, but no matter how strong-willed and resistant I seem to be, there is a subtle and sensual nature living inside me. My life is filled with all colors of the world, creativity, I literally live music, and I believe that without music and art the world on earth could not exist! I am charismatic, and my soul is laughter and fun, I always have ideas in my head that I want to realize here). And that's why I hope you like experimentation. But I have to admit that behind all this fun is the truest introvert, I sometimes find it hard to start socializing with new people. Let's get to know each other, be good friends to each other, and maybe even passionate lovers.....

I like: For example, I have a couple fetishes that I can share with you I love smoking, hair games (of all kinds!) and saliva games And hey, I really don't do anything free here, I work on a type-menu, because for me money is not just a material possession, but an opportunity to transform my life for the better. I see money as the power to create a world full of beauty and comfort

I don't like: rude people










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