Hi I'm KishaLovi

Last update: Nov 28, 2023


My description is : Hi im Kisha Lovi, 25 years of age im from PH. i like guys who worship me. im here to fullfil your wildest fantasy, come with me and witness the best show you ever had.

I like: nice dress, heels, everything thats color black and red, perfumes, jewelry, cats, reading books, talking to a open minded person, gentleman, cute smiles, daddy, nice arms, party, beach, bikini, night life, shopping, helping my family, nags, modelling, phones, camera, taking pictures, nice lingerie, white gowns, sweet guys, family oriented, a guy who work hard and has a big dream, ice cream,donuts

I don't like: lazy guys, not smells good, yellow teeth, long nails with guys, rats, cockroaches, wild animals, rude people, shorter than me, not good in outfits, people that dont work hard, bossy, friend that only talk to you if its convinient to them, backstabber, copy cat, jelous boyfriend or girlfriend, hard make up, bad breath, cold places, cheater, not contender for what they have, messy room, messy people









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