Hi I'm CelesteRamos

Last update: Jun 01, 2023


My description is : Hello there! I'm Celeste ā™„ I prefer calm plans and feel more comfortable in situations where I can have deep and interesting conversations with people. I'm very reflective and enjoy spending time alone to process my thoughts. I also have a great love for nature and enjoy going for walks and exploring beautiful landscapes.

I like: In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction books, especially those that allow me to learn new things. I love watching movies and series, especially if they are dramas or emotional stories. In summary, I'm a young, introverted and reflective girl who enjoys calm plans and deep conversations. I love nature, reading, playing guitar, and watching emotional movies and series

I don't like: As for what I don't like to do, I prefer to avoid overwhelming and noisy social situations. I'm not a fan of loud parties or places with a lot of people and noise. I also don't like it when people are dishonest or not authentic. I value honesty and authenticity in interpersonal relationships very highly.










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