Hi I'm AndySajjad

Last update: Apr 12, 2024


My description is : READ PLEASE I am a happy boy, somewhat shy but fun, I like pleasure but not pain, you can be sure that I will give my best in privacy. I am willing to do anything to be happy I HAVE NO limits but some things should not be done, ask if you want to know more about me to gain confidence. SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: I had an accident on May 14, which injured my pelvic area and testicles, causing my erection to be bad, you have to be patient. add some tags in my profile, anal, submissive, deepthroat that will help me

I like: I like more food, I like to travel, the sea... currently I like the gym soon I want to have a personal trainer to improve some parts that I want to perfect... I love decorations, painting, going out in the sun, doing to eat, although I don't cook at home, I can prepare delicious food, I like to be sewn and spoken to nicely.

I don't like: I don't like lentils, a food from Colombia hahaha I don't like monotony any more than I like telling lies hahaha I'm very sincere I say that the only one I tell lies to is my mom hahaha I don't like things with pain even though I love tattoos.. haha well I don't know some things I don't like that I should remember










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